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Competence Map

Competence map by HUBA (Hungarian Battery Association)

The HUBA Competence Map is a sector-specific business database that helps you find the suppliers and best buyers you are looking for in the industry, helping you navigate the battery value chain. 

The Competence Map is a searchable business database of HUBA members’ business and professional information, searchable by anyone. Professionals can easily find industry suppliers and manufacturers that match their interests, while HUBA members can find new industry contacts and opportunities. 

Shortly after HUBA was established in 2021, the management decided to create a searchable business database based on its members’ competencies. We started with an initial survey of the membership and a set of competencies based on the battery industry value chain. Since then both HUBA membership and the number of identified competences are continuously expanding. Interested parties can first create their own personal registration to search our database. They can then enter the details of their company in the next step. Company details will become searchable after the HUBA secretariat has verified your membership following registration.

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The registration is available only for the members of the Hungarian Battery Association.

The search function is available to anyone.